November 28, 2012

Coming Soon

I have decided to reactivate a photography group over at CreativeSouls to bring some interesting photo challenges to the members.  If you aren't a member, I hope you will join-it's free!  Every month I will be posting a new photo challenge.  This month the theme is bubbles.
(This photo was taken during a stunt-bike event over at Antelope Island this past summer.  While the aerial stunt men were performing, there were other people playing around with making large bubbles using string tied to long poles.   I walked around them so they were between me and the bike ramps, then waited for the stunts to continue.  The sky was hazy with smog-but there were some wonderful white puffy clouds to use for the background..)
Whether you use a DSLR or an iphone camera, you can take some interesting photos and share them with the other members of the group.  Or you can post your images on your photo sharing site and leave a comment here with a link to your photo.  Don't have a camera?  How about art journaling the theme!  Which is something I plan to do in 2013.  Combining several medias together with my photography, including art journaling, drawing, painting and digital.
I am also reactivating the photo challenge blog: DigitalMontageStudio and will be posting some new challenges there, that are related to the photo groups monthly challenge.  i.e. instead of bubbles, water drops could be the theme, or "Oil & Water Don't Mix". (Jan.2013-Here's a Sneak Peak))

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