January 24, 2013

Day 25

Floppy Discs-do you remember them?  I was cleaning out some boxes the other day and found my file of floppies that had my photos from a trip to a NYC cemetery back in 2000 while we were visiting with some friends from California.  (Their daughter was performing in a ballet on Broadway-how thrilling that was!  We had time to explore during her rehearsals and across the street from our hotel was a very old cemetery.  We couldn't resist.  We had to explore and I am so glad we did. )  
I also have an external floppy reader, thank goodness or these images would have been lost to me forever. 
This cemetery was so old that the lead glass windows were created by Tiffany-you know-the lamp maker.  To protect these priceless treasures, bullet proof glass had been put in place.  Seriously-is that what we have come to...bullet proof glass for our final resting place?  (A topic for discussion-but I'd be standing on a soapbox for awhile about this!)
I was trying to remember which camera I may have been using back then and I think it might have been my first digital.  Inexpensive and it shows-kind of like the cameras in an iphone or ipod of today.  It was a bright and very cold day but this image appears to have my hand over the lens blocking out the sun so that I could get a pic of the stained glass.  Very difficult with that bullet proof glass that had been scratched and chipped and anything else vandals had tried to break it with.  I am so grateful to have the honor of seeing one of these windows in person.  There weren't many of these windows that I found throughout the cemetery, but the ones I did see, were truly works of art. I'm really grateful I didn't loose these pictures because technology had changed.  It is wise to have multiple media backups, even on-line storage for your precious photos.  Since technology is ever changing, formats will change with it.  Eventually nobody will remember what today's formats were.  My images have now been stored on my hard drive, an external hard drive and on DVD's.  I don't want to loose them again in the future. 

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