January 26, 2013

Day 27-Movie Review

It has been years since I sat with a pair of 3-D glasses on my face.  One eye blue and was the other one red?  I don't remember, but the new glasses for 3-D are very different today.  Easy to wear and light as feathers.  I almost passed on this awesome movie because it was in 3-D and I remembered how bad these types of movies used to be.  Not any more!  Oh my gosh!  Excellent movie, full of digital & special effects.  Great twist to a wonderful old children's story.  This is not in any way a movie I would recommend for children-oh no-it's strictly for adult viewing with some graphic language, lots of violence and a tad bit of nudity.  Way Cool with an Epic Scene towards the end!  The whole movie kept you dodging flying arrows, bullets and yeah, I think there was some maggots too. Not sure because I had to turn away from the whole scene.  LOL!  Good Gory Fun!  I would go see this one again! 
Credit-Poster is from the trailer for this movie.

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