January 29, 2013

Day 31

A few years ago Sherre H and I conducted several digital workshops and one of these techniques was to create these circles of color on an image.  Using the image again, I ran it through PhotoForge2, DXP and Pic Grunge apps to develop this digital piece. 
I added a textured background of some beautiful felting I had done on some organza fabric which was sewn to the back of my denim jacket.  The texture has some beautiful gold glitter swirls, purples and dark blue colors. 
For yet another texture, (not shown) I layered a peeling paint texture that I had recolored using yet another app.  Sometimes I run the images and layers through so many apps I just can't remember them all.  It's addicting and it's fun.  A great way to kill a few minutes while waiting in line or a few hours when you're not feeling well and taking a day off. 
I started my journey of iphoneography by downloading some of the freebies from itunes to my ipod, then joined a few of the iphoneography groups.  From there I would view other layouts and see which apps were used.  If I liked the layout, I would research the app at the apple store.  If it was compatible and I didn't already have an app that would do the same thing, I would consider making a purchase.  Having a $$ limit is a good thing!  I try to limit my purchases to $5 which will get me 3-5 apps to play with.  Not a bad investment, nor an expensive one.  Figuring out how to load images to the ipod via photo stream wasn't easy, but once I did this, I have been sorting my photo files to see which images I want to play with. 
I'm also going to be working on some new digital kits, so I hope to share some previews with you soon. 

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