January 14, 2013

Week 3-Day 13

For our Week 3-52 Word Prompt Challenge, the word is Mirrored.  This was originally a vintage black and white image of a dancer but once I put it through the iphone app "Snapseed" and mirrored the image, this is what I got.  It looks alien-human and very cool!

Day 13 leaves me with a few things to share-I went to my local library today to gather up all the necessary tax forms only to be told that they are not available yet.  I knew there was a delay in processing the filed returns, but I had no idea there was a delay in getting us the required forms!  And I had actually planned to get my taxes done early this year!  LOL!  Go figure!

Here is an image I've been using to create a series of interesting digital works with.  I scanned a fabulous inner cover from a vintage book I pulled apart.  Then I used a variety of iphone apps.  I have been trying to learn and compare these apps with CS5 and what each app is capable of producing and which ones supply the best blending modes & distressed frames.  This one was finished using an app called "Glaze" which produces some wonderful glass like effects.  I actually used about 7 apps on this image, each app producing a particular effect.  I still think CS5 is much faster, but it's not portable like an iphone! 
Whenever you are in a line or riding along, take out your phone and play!  So easy!  The apps are small enough and produce very limited effects, so having a few Freebies on your iphone is worth it! 

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