February 14, 2013

Day 45

Yeah, I know I am ahead of myself again. Better early than late or never.  I am surprising myself actually, that I have hung in this long!  Usually I get bored way before this and simply find something else to do.  Nope, I am really going to try to do this 365 days.  It will be quite a victory for me at the end of this challenge and the 52 word prompt challenge and Bonnie's weekly Photo Art Friday Challenges and I almost forgot the Milliande Self-Exploration Workshop.  All of it goes hand in hand, so it's fun to share the voyage with you.  I hope it inspires you to find something this year that gives you a chance to share your art, or hobby, or love, or passion. 
This image looks like Barbie-but it's actually the close up of a mannequin that may have been fashioned after the famous Barbie.  I used the photo to create a stencil of which I drew the image onto a large sheet of watercolor paper.  Once I had the image drawn, I had to decide which areas I wanted to remain white.  The white areas are what set this whole process off and make it surreal.  With a masking fluid, I painted out all the areas that were to remain white.  Then the real fun began.  Pouring watercolors!  For years I have wanted to try this technique and I will again because I love it!  It is Jean Grastorf's DVD: "Pouring Transparent Watercolor" that gave me the inspiration to try this technique.  I struggled to find just the right image that would work and I am struggling to find another one, but this worked well enough for my purposes.  After all, it was just an experiment.  I did follow up with painting in some solid black areas, which made this whole thing pop as much as the white did.  But, then I took a photo of the painting and ran it through,....that's right.....Apps!  Just a couple this time and I am very pleased with this final effect.  She's beautiful and needs to be framed.

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Fran said...

I have never heard of pouring water color. Really unique and this piece is lovely.