February 21, 2013

Day 51

This past Sunday we went for a short drive to do some window shopping up at Park City, here in Utah and have lunch at one of the pizzerias.  (Park City is where the 2001 Winter Olympics were held, if you think the name sounds familiar and more recently the Film Festival.)  While walking around and visiting a few of the shops, I kept my ipod handy and managed to grab a few really unique shots.  This is of a hand-carved, life-size wooden Indian that was looking out of the store front window.  I didn't use any apps on this image, but I did use some filters/plug-ins & blending modes to get this awesome effect.  To eliminate the background I painted it out with the brush tool after the filters were applied. 

For a totally different look, but using the same filter/plug-in, I started with a simple winter scene of bright white snow and a dead thistle.  I really liked how this was casting a shadow on the ground.  Noon isn't a great time to take outdoor shots and the snow was almost blinding it was so bright, but it is a good time to get great shots of long shadows.  Coupled with several duplicated layers, the blending modes, and opacity settings, I managed to get this overall sense of light pink & blue shades. 

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