February 25, 2013

Day 54 & 55

Whenever I come across some interesting ideas, patterns or designs, I like to try creating hand-carved stamps with them.  Here are two tags I made with some of the carvings I did awhile ago.  One of my personal symbols is the circle, thus carving a stamp using this pattern was a challenge.  I wanted the circles close together, in their own pattern in a grungy style.  The doodle circles were done after the stamp was printed. 
The blue stamped image below was done on an eraser I picked up at the $ store.  I think there were 4 per package and soft enough to carve a stamp easily enough.  My goal with this carvings was to create some scratch grungy texture and when this printed out I loved it.  Reminds me of the masts of a sailing ship with the waves of the ocean crashing on the shore in the moonlight.  I need to make some everyday greeting cards with these images and of course, carve some more! 


Marilyn said...

I like the graphic look of these...and the simplicity.

Marilyn said...

I like the graphic look, and simplicity, of these.