April 22, 2013

Day 111-112

Every where in my neighborhood, you can see all the beautiful tulips in bloom and there is even a "Tulip Festival" happening over at Thanksgiving Point, in Provo, if you want a fabulous photo op.   I actually took this photo on one of my many visits to Las Vegas.  Flowering shrubs, or maybe it was flowering ground cover, but either way I altered the photo with a sketch style app.  It would make an interesting watercolor.  Maybe. 
Suggestion: A few weeks ago, we made a quick trip over to Home Depot to grab a bag of fertilizer for the lawn.  All of their flowers were in full bloom, not a single tulip anywhere!  So, if you want a larger selection of flowers to photograph, go to your local hardware store!  I did-with camera in hand!  :-D

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