April 30, 2013

Day 118

I was notified yesterday that my favorite iphoneography group was closing at the end of this month.  It was a place that was full of aspiring digital artists, who were so willing to share their knowledge and art with the group, that it was really like an on-line family.  Several of the people are members of other groups or have their own websites that I already follow, but the atmosphere at the other sites just isn't the same friendly place.  I am so saddened that I will not have this group of wonderful people to share my love of digital art with any more.  I will continue exploring the possibilities of this amazing art-form,  but with not as much interest, unless I'm on a long road trip and need something to keep my mind occupied. This was also the site that was hosting my 52-word prompt challenge this year, so I guess I won't be continuing that challenge any further.  I think posting daily is plenty right now.  I'm determined to see this challenge through to the end of the year, but probably will never do it again. 
Have you ever been admiring the beautiful silk flowers in your local craft store and wanted to grab a photo in the winter to remind yourself that Spring was coming?  I did and I did.  Then I ran it through a fun app called: "Glaze".  It applies a technique that looks like quilling or tight stitching.  (Quilling is rolled papers that are then assembled into pictures.  The results are of a beautiful, detailed art-form).

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