May 3, 2013

Day 123

Yesterday was a big day for me because after decades of self-study, I finally decided it was time for me to go back to school to learn perspective drawing.  You may be wondering why I would want to do that since I have half a dozen software programs that will do the drawings/sketches for me.  Well, when you are out in the field, "Plein-Air" painting, you don't have the luxury of a computer & printer handy.  It's totally up to you what your painting will be.  Perspective has always eluded me.  Not the vanishing points, the horizon, or even the vertical lines, but the angles and pitch of a roof, an over-hang or fence post in the distance all need to be in perspective.  Our eyes can detect the smallest mistakes in placement, relative sizes in comparison to each other, depth of field, etc. etc.  In the studio I rely on my photos and that is OK.  This first painting I did is from a beautiful photo of Enchinacea flowers also known as: Cone Flowers.  They could also be "Black-eyed Susans", one of my favorite flowers, but because they are abstract, they could be whatever I want them to be, so I call this painting: "Shasta Daisies".  

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