May 9, 2013

Day 129

Happiness is my theme for this week.  I have been working on finding a middle ground for months and finally arrived at a solution to finding my own happiness.  Sometimes we need to let go of things that we can not change.  We need to just stop and say enough is enough and simply walk away.  So, this week I've done a few things that brought Happiness back into my life.  I joined the rec center that has a heated pool so I could work out with water aerobics and water walking to strengthen my legs without too much pressure.  I went to a Stephen Quiller (wonderful artist) live demo at the UWS monthly meeting the other night, celebrated my birthday again by inviting my loving hubby to go to dinner at Pei Wei using a gift card that my DD (Thanks Jennifer) gave me last year when it actually was my birthday and last night I shared a bag of red licorice that was given to me for Mother's Day this weekend.  (Thanks Audrey)  It's these little things that mean so much.  I hope you fill your days with little things too.
Enjoy your life, enjoy your happiness. Enjoy the little things!

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