May 10, 2013

Day 131

Last month I went to a "Plein Air" painting day with fellow members of UWS.  We wandered around trying to find just the right spot to set up our painting supplies and along the way, I found a yard that was full of interesting, neglected, rusty things.  A yard that can describe the meaning of "Wabi Sabi". 
Here is a relic from ancient times, well not to ancient since my own Mother had one of these in the basement, where she did laundry every week.  I had the job of turning the handle to make the wringer work.  It's simple really, just insert wet clothing, turn the handle and the wringer presses out the water.  Up in Lava Hot Springs, outside of the changing rooms, they still have an adapted wringer to use to remove all the water from your bathing suits after you change.  So, they are still useful!  Well, not this one, it's seen better days.
It sure would be nice to have the local gym/pool have one of these handy dandy machines so I don't have to put my soggy suit in a plastic bag, and then inside my gym bag to carry it home.  It's such a little thing, that would mean so much!  Enjoy life!  :-D

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