June 2, 2013

Day 148 & 149

 When I was a younger and my family was living in Pennsylvania on a small 5+ acre farm, I used to walk along the railroad tracks to go into town where there was a two lane bowling alley in the basement of the grocery store.  ( A true Mom & Pop).  It cost less than a quarter to bowl a game and of course the alleys weren't what they are today, but it was tons of fun.  I especially enjoyed the walks along the railroad tracks because you could find all kinds of neat things on a long summer day.
Whenever I have the chance to experience those enjoyable days, I take advantage of them.  Here we were, out in the middle of nowhere, north of Lava Hot Springs, following the river when a train blew his whistle which echoed off the nearby hills.  It called to me and I answered! 

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