July 22, 2013

Day 191 & 192

Last month our Granddaughter came to spend a week with us and as usual, we went to Wheeler Farm for our annual photo op.  We love taking pics of all the farm animals, and these rooster/chickens were really amazing to watch.  They were digging and strutting around.  Sometimes they would chase one chicken or rooster around the whole penned in area, for no reason that we could fathom. 
There were actually more horses this time.   There was one little Shetland Pony that was making sure it got its share of the food by chasing off the bigger horses who were crowding her.  The one pictured here was the one she chased off.  
There are several long horned steers this time too, but we couldn't get close enough to get a good photo of them.  They liked staying to the back of the field, closer to the hay stack. 

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