August 7, 2013

Day 211-212-213

Liberty Park: Plein Air Painting Group

This first photo is of the original adobe brick house called "The Chase House" after the original builders.  It was later sold to Brigham Young's family who lived here for many years.  Sometime in the 1980's the house was completely renovated and currently houses the "Utah Folk Art Museum".  Some amazing cultural folk art from leather saddles, to Hawaiian quilts, even some amazing Chinese paper cutting samples and calligraphy.

This second photo is of one of the several water parks there are for the kids & adults to wade.  There are steps with flowing waterfalls, walkways and ponds covering probably half an acre.  I was in awe of the patterns of grass and cement, like a big checker board that ran throughout.  What a fun place for the kids to cool off. 

This 3rd photo is of the carousel ride.  It's been at Liberty Park since I was a kid and came to the amusement park with my grandparents.  Wonderful memories.  I don't think this ride is still functional, it wasn't running but the music was playing. 

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