August 7, 2013

Day 217-218-219

Liberty Park: Plein Air Painting Group
What an interesting tree trunk.  Lots of faces in this one.  Must be over a hundred years old and withstood some crazy weather.

This photo is of the new Koi Fish pond that was installed and still being built.  The problem is the bottom of this pond is like mud, so when the fish move around in search of food, it stirs up the silt and clouds the water.  I did get some pretty awesome reflections and water ripples.

This photo is my favorite of the night.  These amazing people stopped long enough for me to take their photo, when I asked them to please pose for me.  I hope to use this one as a reference for a future painting. 

Later today we head over to the county fair, so hope to have some really great photos to share with you tomorrow. 

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