January 18, 2013

Day 18

I am hooked-I love vintage posters and I love creating posters.  This is one I made a few weeks ago that was a challenge about weather.  Go figure-I know, it looks nothing like a poster about weather.  But, the whole background is built using 3 of my sky photos of some amazing clouds and a rainbow.  See the streak just under the girls chin?  That's the rainbow!  It looks like a ray gun or laser being shot up into the sky.  (Use your imagination LOL!)
So, this poster was created using 3 photos of sky/weather effects, two of a city scape-duplicated and flipped and 3 images of flying space ships that I downloaded from Deviantart.  (Thanks Vicki).  Each layer was altered or blended with the layer below it using CS5 and additional filters.  Hours of fun! 

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