January 21, 2013

Day 22

Over the summer, DH & I love to take short road trips of 5 days or less.  Usually we'll head up towards Yellowstone but end up somewhere in Idaho.  I don't know why this state appeals to us so much, maybe it feels like Kansas to us.  The farms, the small town atmosphere.  Not sure, but we really enjoy getting out on the roads and exploring where the road takes us.  During one of these many road trips, I took this photo of some awesome thistles.  I think these might be called: "Devil's Claw" but not sure.  Anyway, I was playing around with the image after I loaded it to my iphone and this is one of the results I got using a new app called: "Picture Show".  This app has so many effects and shuffle effects, you just don't know what will appear on the screen.  But each time you shuffle the image, a new effect appears.  You also have the option of scrolling through the effects to choose one you like.  Then there are additional things you can adjust, like the lighting.  This image was shuffled and a frame was selected from the options.  I have a few more of the same image I will share with you later in the week.  One day at a time!  :-D

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I like the color in your image..