January 4, 2013

Day 3 of 365

Over on my art studio blog, I am sharing a process of dying t-shirts using snow & ice.  Here is a collage of pics I took using the Hipstamatic camera app.  Interesting filter effect based on the film & lens I selected to use.  The app allows you to change the lens and the film, for a wide variety of different effects.  I found a chart the other day that shows what each of these combinations will produce via a book titled: "iphone Obsessed" by Dan Marcolina.  The book explores iphone apps and what each of them will do.  Dan takes you through the process he used, to alter his photos using a variety of apps.  Also what app works for what effect and combining different apps for special effects.  (I got the Kindle Fire version at Amazon).  Now to download the apps I want to play with!
Dan has written another e-book as well, but it is only for the ipad.  If you have an ipad, the e-book is called "App Alchemy".   

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