January 2, 2013

At a Cross Road

Letting things evolve as I continue working on my series of paintings has lead me to this point.  I am at a cross-roads.   Visually they appear to be finished, but In my heart they are not.  I want to take them to another level but I have so much time invested in them that I'm afraid I will ruin them and have to start over.

So, I took pics and played with adding more layers with my digital software and photos of textures from last year.

I really like the looks of the darker image.  The person seems to be further back into the painting.  I think I'm ready to continue now and I'll just have to be brave.  If it doesn't work, oh well.  I do have gesso.

Allowing myself the freedom to proceed, even with possible failure, is going to open my mind to other possibilities. 

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