January 7, 2013

Day 7

Another app I am learning about is one called: DXP2 (Double Exposure) it features 18 different blending modes. 
I combined this app with Photoshop Express to achieve this image of a duster type brush.  I overlaid it with the photo of the curtain texture, I posted earlier.  I still like PSE & CS, probably because I find these apps to be too limiting.  You need 5 or 6 of them to achieve what one hour in CS or PSE will do.  Not as easy either!  Oh well, just my opinion, I hope you will give some of these apps a try yourself and see if you like the technical issues that come with only using your iphone camera and an app.  I really don't see the big picture-or what the hoopla is all about, other than the people developing the apps want to make a few $$'s.  Now if I had an ipad-I might think differently about the whole thing!  :-D

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