January 7, 2013

Week 2 and Day 6

The word for this week is "Perspective" and this photo spoke to me on several levels.  In my minds eye, this building is a wonderful example of using distant vanishing points, but it also speaks to me emotionally.  It has some history in regards to our children of the past, it is an abandoned orphanage that I found in Trinidad, CO.  (A quaint little town that I fell in love with).  I altered this photo from a drab, dreary image to this bright, colorful version because it needed a face lift.  I wanted it to be considered a happy place where children grew up playing in the sun, growing up as a single unit family, bonding with other children, like real brothers and sisters who they were sharing their lives with.  I wonder what happened to the children and what stories they could tell.
I used fotosketcher, along with filters and some painting effects in CS5 to liven up this image a little.  For being an abandoned building, it sure cleaned up good.  Now it's a work of art.  :-D

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