March 1, 2013

Day 61-62

The days and weeks are flying by so fast and it's Photo Art Friday again!   I enjoy Bonnies weekly challenges that she posts over on her blog.  Her challenge this week is Vintage. I love working with the old black and white  images from days gone by.  Usually one of the hundreds of cabinet cards in my collections or the 50's Polaroids that my own family took.  The people depicted are/were real, live people struggling through some difficult times, or living the good life, depending on who they were.  They are beautiful in and of themselves, but I still like to play around with the images by adding some color, textures and in this case, some amazing shadows.   Here is my favorite: A chroma negative effect of the same image.

You can also scroll down for yet a totally different look of a mid 30's farm bureau black and white photo from the Library of Congress archives below.  That was created via many saved altered layers so that I could keep the writing visible in the placards they are holding. 


Currie Silver said...

wonderful fun you're having!!

Ida said...

Interesting treatment. A bit "eerie" with the colors. I do find these old photo's quite fascinating. Eveyrone always looks so serious.

Annemor said...

A look back in time.
I like it.
Have a nice weekend.
Mormor Norway.

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

What an intriguing contrast between the two examples! I like the abstract edginess of the second.

Kathy Reed said...

This one looks great inverted and there is so much one can do...still prefer the top with the orange tint..good job.