March 4, 2013

Week 10-Day 63

We have a very unique State Park close to our home.  It is an 1800's working farm called: Wheeler Historical Farm.  It is a place I love to take my grandchildren on photo shoots as there are so many animals available in one place, it's almost like visiting a petting zoo.   Last year while visiting the park, I noticed these tennis shoes hanging from the power line over the roadway. 
Yesterday, hubby and I went to visit the Farmer's Market that they hold every first Sunday of the month and I discovered that had I not taken this photo the year before, I would have missed the opportunity, as these shoes were no longer hanging from the power line. 
How many times have we missed these opportunities to record things of interest.  With the digital technology, there isn't a reason not take the photo ever again.  Take them all and sort them out later or "Shoot and then ask questions!"
I hadn't noticed that these shoes were fairly worn out, loved to the point of having holes in the treads.  But once I started working with this image, I was able to pull out more details. 
I used "Picsart" app on my Kindle Fire to alter this image.  I found a lot more options with this app including layering multiple images and blending modes.   So, the moral is:  It pays to take the time to play, learn and take advantage of those photo opportunities. 

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