March 6, 2013

Day 68

The Photo Art Friday challenge was to create another abstract using Bonnie's textures.  Well, I piled them on!  Here is the list of textures that were used to create the background for this layout: 1. Antique Me, 2. Cobblestone Road, 3. Dropped Petals, 4. Sweet Thoughts, 5. Scratched Lens and 6. Soft Reflections.  I cut and pasted parts of these textures to get the layout covered then I applied a hand-painted and stamped detail from my art studio.  With blending modes, each layer was altered and here is the final design. 
This 2nd image is of the first version using nothing but Bonnie's textures and some brushes.  I'm so glad I kept this because I can see using it again in the future.  A quote would be nice, or maybe just one simple word. 


Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

The piece with the tree is stunning, Cynthia. And you are wise to keep the second 'prep' piece - I can imagine so many uses for it.

Anonymous said...

clever -- mixing all these together one step at a time - very interesting how it all came together looking so awesome - you are very talent!!

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Personally, as an abstract, I like the second one the best. It is open to endless interpretation as well as having the potential to become even more interesting. The tree is very nice, but doesn't have the originality that the second one has. Bravo ... I love it:)

Andrea @ From The Sol

Ida said...

Well done. The tree is so dramatic, I like it a lot.