March 6, 2013

Week 11 -Day 69

For the "52 Word Group" challenge that I am hosting over at iphoneart, the word this week is: "Circular".  What a word.  What fabulous ideas are running through my head when I hear it.  Circles are one of my many personal symbols and I love them.  (Circles represent the sun and the moon to me and of course they are personal symbols but maybe we'll get into that later.)
I took this theme in a totally different direction than I originally had planned.  I was shooting this amazing tree for well over a year now and one day in the distant past, I grabbed my fish eye lens as I was running out the door.  (You can get this same effect using your digital software and the elliptical marquee tool.)  It was a bit tricky to accomplish, since I altered the photo in several different ways before it was put back into the frame, but I kind of like the pink sky and sharper image.  Rose Colored Glass anyone?

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