March 22, 2013

Day 80

Have you ever decided to learn something new and was overwhelmed with not only learning the ins and outs, but the practice time was also overwhelming.  That's how I feel about learning watercolor painting.  I know how to paint, I've done it all my life, but switch mediums and I feel like a fish out of water.  (Excuse the Pun.)  I originally drew this boney carp in one of my art journals, but decided to use it for a practice piece.  I don't usually do whimsical, but I did have fun with this.  Did I learn anything?  Yes, I did.  I learned that watercolor painting is all about going with the flow-the flow of the water that is.  I learned so much I won't bore anyone by listing the lessons learned.  But, not only did I learn a lot about this medium, I enjoyed it.  I've got several other paintings that I am practicing.  Some I've done 2-3 times already and each time I redo one, I learn something else.  Each one allows me to edit and perfect my control, my patience and my enjoyment. 
Are there really 23,978 bones in a carp?  Probably not.  I added the numbers and word for fun and drama.

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