March 18, 2013

Day 78-79

Over at PixelDust this week, Bonnie's challenge was a portrait.  Next week, a self-portrait.  I like to create avatars which represent my alter egos.  I have quite a few of these little thumbnails in my folder now.  This image is a headband that I designed for my Jewelry book that came out a few years ago.  It is a hand painted copper patina, wig head on a wooden base.  I use these wig heads in my assemblage art quite often since I'm not, nor ever have been, a portrait artist.  They allow me to use the human head as a generalized element in my 3-D work.  I wish I was always this peaceful and calm.  Something to work towards this year.  Tai-Chi and Yoga anyone?

 The 2nd image is another avatar that I haven't used yet.  It is of a necklace I made for a competition that required you to have your display for sale.  I made this for myself, so I didn't want to part with it.  It's made using jet black & amber jade which is the perfect accents for the focal element. 

The avatar I use everyday, which is posted at places, such as Facebook, my ning groups, photography groups, etc. will be shown next week for the self-portrait challenge, because I can relate to it more than the ones shown here.

Reflecting on these two avatars, I noticed they are jewelry related which is insane because I rarely wear jewelry other than earrings and a wedding band.  I did say these were alter egos!  I hoard vintage jewelry with the plans to recycle them into something more stunning.  Some day...

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Marilyn said...

Cindy, these are both beautiful, but I truly love the top one.....looks very Asian.