March 27, 2013

Day 84

Right after the last snow melted, I took a walk around my backyard, taking pics of anything that I could find to resemble "The First Day of Spring".  The wagon I leave in the garden all year long was just sitting there with some wild strawberry vines creeping around it.  They aren't really wild, they are from my neighbors garden on the other side of the fence.  Along with the Rhubarb.  That's OK, she gets my "Spearmint" which I didn't actually plant.  It came with the house.  I know better than to plant a mint in anything but a container, since they are root runners like many other variety of plants.  Dandelions on the other hand, is what we get from yards several blocks over.  Her yard has no grass, just dandelions growing freely, to self populate and migrate to everyone else s yard.   It's a good thing there is weed killer!

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