March 27, 2013

Day 85

Do you remember carrying around one of these little books when you were younger?  Once upon a time I had all of my friends signatures in a little book like this.  Today we call these books, art journals or diaries, or even altered books, because they are used in mixed media art projects along with other things from our past.  Remember the 45 rpm records and the neat book with sleeves inside to hold them?  I still have one of those around here somewhere.  I was going to recycle it into a photo album but never found the time.  I caught a glimpse of it the other day when I was moving my art studio to another part of the house.   The family room at the back of the house is now my new art studio.  I decided I didn't want to be available to everyone that came knocking on the door while I was busy painting.  I guess I'm old school, call first because if I don't know you're coming, I might not answer the door.  Especially if I am elbow deep in fabric dyes.  :-D

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