March 27, 2013

Day 88

This was an amazing photo op!  I was casually walking down the "Vegas Strip" on a recent road trip with hubby.  While he was there to work, I was able to wander the streets with my camera, all the while, people watching as I went.  Outside of Caesar's Casino-Forum Shop entrance, there are these huge display windows.  Being early in the AM, like around 8ish, the sun was casting some remarkable shadows and this mannequin was half hidden.  I had both my Nikon and my ipod with all my wonderful apps, so I grabbed this shot using one of a dozen camera apps I was testing out and finished the altering on the drive back home.  Distress FX was a new app that I hadn't play with yet, so I was thrilled when  I managed to get my image blended with some texture and color.  I like the sharpness of the edges, the color contrasts and the mannequins dress.  Even in black and white this was a good subject to photograph.  Las Vegas is a wonderful, exciting place to go hang out for a few days and if you have the chance to just wander around, you will be surprised at all there is to grab your attention.  don't miss the Flamingo Habitat at the Flamingo Casino.  It's got lots of interesting things to amuse and delight.  Then there's the 3.5 billion $ Casino called: "Cosmopolitan" that is a must see, experience of a lifetime! 

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