April 18, 2013

Day 108

Last week or perhaps the week before that, we went downtown to an open art gallery that was hosting our local watercolor society exhibit.  On our way home, we decided to drive around and visit some places we hadn't been for a long, long time.  One of these places was a used book store in the Sugar House area of town.  We would visit it quite often when we lived a short distance away, but now we live at the opposite end of the valley.  Anyway, we had to park in the back lot since street parking is at a premium and free on Saturdays.  I'm so glad we were inconvenienced because I never would have found this awesome wall of dried/dormant twigs.  The whole wall was covered like this, with little bits of dried leaves clinging to the tips of these branches.  Only thing missing were some red berries but the tulips were in bloom.  I cropped them out!  They just weren't right for this image. 

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