April 18, 2013

Day 109

Signage-a way to advertise a product or business.  Now we have bill boards proclaiming all sorts of things we may or may not be interested in knowing about.  Signage can be very distracting in today's world because it is every where you look, but back in the buggy days, an occasional sign advertising a business was about all you ever saw.  Down in the little town of Lehi, this mill is being restored and the name has been repainted.  I wish I had seen it before it was refurbished, but in a few years it will have faded and the wind will have eroded some of the paint away.  Down in Trinidad, CO I was able to grab a shot of an older Dr. Pepper sign that was painted on the side of a brick building, but it is being used for one of my paintings at the moment, so I won't share it today.  I love finding these faded building signs and sometimes, if you are lucky, you can find them in any older downtown section of just about any town.  Take someone with you to drive or be a look out, because you never know where you might spot one and you can't drive & look at the same time.  :-D

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