April 22, 2013

Day 114

So I'm back to playing around with iphoneography and all the fun apps that are available.  I think I have a couple dozen now, that just add so much interest to otherwise boring photos.  But, that's probably why I got interested in digital art in the first place.  Apps just make it easier!  Every time I hear of a new freebie, I check it out.  Sometimes they stay on my IOS, most times they do not.  Some of the freebies are watermarked, so the app's name is embedded into your finished photo, which really has my fingers flying to the "delete this app" now button.  Other apps are great but has the same features as one I already have, so those get deleted too.  My favorites so far are: "Percolator", "Glaze", my newest app, Distress FX which offers a ton of great choices.  While I may have started with their freebie, I invested in the pro versions for at least a buck maybe more, but these apps will stay in my arsenal of tools!

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