April 22, 2013

Day 115

This was a mixed media piece I did two years ago, using acrylic paints and a method that required the whole piece to be covered in Sumi Ink.  I shared the process over on my Art Studio blog, but you will need to search the archives because that blog has tons of mixed media posts.
I used a stencil that is part of the Yudu Stencil painting machine that allows you to burn your own screens.  It was a great investment for me at the time, since I love creating my own artwork with stencils.  (You'll also find a bunch of stencil techniques on my Art Studio blog as a fairly recent posting).
Anyway, I ran this through one of my apps as well and softened the colors, added a bit of texture that looks like more of a tissue overlay.  This is more of a summer version and I just love how it feels so soft and lazy.  I will eventually be using my own photos of the remarkable koi I took while in Las Vegas for one of my watercolor paintings.  I have so many ideas for future works. 
Mixing media is another passion of mine, one that I hope to indulge in everyday this year.  Whether I am watching a workshop DVD, reading a How-To book, or physically out taking photos for future paintings, it's all coming together for me this year.  An accumulation of 40+ years of knowledge and I'm still finding new things to explore. 
I'm contemplating offering some all-inclusive: "mixed media artist retreats", in the near future.  I'll offer more information, as the details get worked out. 

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