January 20, 2013

Day 20

Brrrrrrrrrr...it was cold yesterday but we had layers and layers of clothing on to help keep us warm.  We also had lots of wonderful powdery white stuff to play in!  Snowshoeing at the park is the only winter sport that I truly enjoy doing myself.   I can watch others snow-board or ski down a mountain while I stay in the lodge drinking hot coffee!  But, I could get out every day and perform this amazing exercise that doesn't feel like an exercise until you start sweating!  Cross-Country Skiing on a groomed trail, up at Park City, will be next!  :-D  (Maybe next year! LOL!  I still have to talk myself into it.)
This is a photo of my GD in her SpongeBob hat that she for Christmas.  She didn't take it off for 3 days-even slept in it. She's wearing her new coat that Great Grandma Geri gave her for Christmas.  Perfect fit Mom!  :-D

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