February 5, 2013

Day 38

I have been trying to play catch up today and added several images since I had fallen behind.  For the past several days, more like weeks, I've not been feeling that great.  An inner ear infection can create all sorts of other issues, like your balance is off (vertigo), loss of hearing, loss of appetite and lack of energy.  I do like to keep busy and have my mind focused on other things besides the pain, so I was able to learn more about the apps I have and what they are capable of, so that is a positive thing. 
This image is of a dandelion that I took while up in Lambs Canyon before Christmas.  It was a perfect specimen, absolute perfection in it's perfect circular form.  Anyway, I turned it into a thistle and added several other layers to it.  The background is a highly textured abstract painting that took me like 6 months to finish because I just couldn't get the color perfect (it is now), layered with a confetti technique of various light colors and a layer mask for the outside border.  One of my favorite things to make and use with my digital software is photo masks.  The masks can be any shape, size etc. but I prefer the grungy, urban style they bring to the image, as a border or frame.  They give the image a finished look for me. 
Each layer is blended with the next and together they all formed this piece of art.  It has that look of waxed paper, like the image was stamped onto something transparent.  It reminds me of a tape transfer effect. 
After 5-6 years of working with digital software, it still amuses and amazes me every time I have a chance to work with it.  Apps mimic what the big boys can do but in smaller quantity of options, less quality of images due to the lens on the phones, but, the knowledge to use apps or software is the same for both.  

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