March 16, 2013

Day 73-74

Recently, like this past week, I was in Las Vegas again and took the opportunity to explore some new places.  One of these places is the new $3.5 Billion  "Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino".  That's right, 3.5 Billion with a "B"!  This first image is of a bank of slot machines set up as a private salon setting.  Remember back in the 70's when the clubs had private areas for their best patrons, this hotel reminded me of those olden days. 
Very over the top to say the least.
The second image is a crystal chandelier that adorns the "Chandelier Bar"!  It was stunning and took your breathe away.  Half of this first, second and third floor were draped in ropes of shining crystal strands of beads.  I was in awe, mostly of the expense, but yes the beauty of it all too.    
The only problem with all of this extravagance, is there weren't many people there to enjoy it.  With this economy, Las Vegas has suffered tremendous losses to their economy.  People are struggling to feed their families and keep their homes and then you have this wealth displayed for all to see.  Shame on the deep pockets who think they will fill those pockets with money that will now go to feed the families of the workers who helped build this monstrosity.  What were they thinking?

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