July 22, 2013

Day 196 & 197

Castle Dale, Utah one of the oldest towns in the state.  A few of the houses are made from hand-made adobe brick back in the late 1800's, but years of weather has made the bricks begin to crumble.  Thank goodness for cameras and our ability to preserve the images before these amazing houses are lost forever. 
Another thing from the past is the indoor movie theater.  Every small town had one and it was my job this day, to photograph every one we could find.  It brings back many good memories of our trips into Kansas City where the most current movies would be shown.  That's if we weren't headed to the drive-in.  Remember those? 
Now it's a simple matter of locating a Red Box to find a movie you want to see on your home movie system or a click of your remote for Netflix! 

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